In the 40 years of experience, we had many successes, we have helped many clients. In the period before 1989, we succeed to acquit in criminal matters, we have won lawsuits against the state and cooperative organizations, which was almost impossible in that time. We succeed because of the courage given by professionalism, obtained through work.

We reveal some of our recent successes. Thus, we have succeeded:


  • to invalidate the clauses of a financial leasing contract concluded between companies, which claim as damages the whole of the remaining lease rates until the completion of the contract, although the lease was terminated, and the car was taken by the leasing company,
  • to include in the pension calculation the contribution for the period when they worked in Morocco, during the years 1975 - 1981, which Pension Funds have consistently denied this, and recalculate the retirement three years ago, taking into account the salary in Morocco.
  • to return of not due payment for the pollution tax,
  • to get the value of a building build on land belonging to another person,
  • to cancel customs decision
  • for companies severely penalized by the Financial Guard, the replacement of these sanctions with a warning
  • to acquit defendants prosecuted for robbery, art. 211 par. 2 ind. 1 CP, with punishment of 7 - 20 years, and for other acts punishable by large penalties,
  • for high - risk drugs, the punishment from 10 to 20 years, the conviction was suspended under supervision
  • for the employees of a company in insolvency, to obtain substantial amounts in damages for dismissal.